Does MDA organize any sports event?

Not formally, but there is a group of members who play badminton regularly together. To join them, you can contact us here.

You are welcomed to organize events via MDA. We will provide support to enable you.

In addition, MDA members are also well integrated into Danish societies hence are members of various sports associations in Denmark. Through networking with these members, perhaps you may be interested in visiting these associations.


What are the benefits of being an MDA member?

The main benefit of MDA is the comradery among its members and their network of friends and families. In the spirit of Muhibbah, MDA acts as a platform to bring together members, to acquaint them. Members build friendships and network via MDA.

MDA has agreements with various Asian shops in Denmark to offer their products at a discounted price.

Many members also enjoy Malaysian food served in our various events.

Given that MDA has members who have been in Denmark for a long time, we can also provide informal assistance and advice on various matters new comers may face.