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Over the years, the Malaysians who live in Denmark have shared moments of laughter, good food, friendship and lent each other support. Here are some of these moments.

BOWLING @DGI Byen – 26th October

We held a bowling session for members at DGI Byen and those present had an enjoyable time.  Many of those who attended were not seasoned bowlers but there was intense rivalry among the 3 groups, everyone supporting and clapping for each other – whether there were strikes or gutter balls (of which there were many!). The best team comprising of Jalmit, Hans, Peter, Jan and Niels Borglum were rewarded with a box of chocolates which they graciously shared with the ‘losers’.  All-in, a fun evening!

60TH MERDEKA DINNER – 9th September

Celebrated this auspicious event at Hvidovre and attendance was fantastic with over 100 guests.  Entertainment came in the form of traditional dances like the joget which had 3 young dancers who got some of the audience joining in the fun, the sumazau which is a traditional dance of East Malaysia and a lovely violin performance.  Bernard Ong held the attention of the guests with his brief demo of tai chi.  The raffle draw was the highlight with the first prize of a return trip to Morocco but there were also many good prizes. 

The buffet spread was generous with many varieties and most importantly, authentic Malaysian dishes like Nyonya chicken sambal, rendang, roti jala, dhall  and chicken curries and also desserts like a Merdeka cake, seri muka,banana fritters among many others which earned heaps of praises from the guests. 

Another Merdeka dinner well received by all.


JOM MAKAN / LET’S EAT – 13th August

MDA organised a Jom Makan/Let’s Eat session with Mona Wee, cooking laksa lemak, a spicy noodle soup dish with generous amounts of ingredients like fish balls, chicken, prawns, bean sprouts etc. Although the soup was spicier than expected for some, everyone relished this opportunity to eat a meal that reminds them of home. This dish is very popular in Malaysia and there are many varieties, depending on which state one comes from.

Participants were encouraged to help in the cook-along and they did their respective tasks with flying colours! It was a relaxing (not for the cook!!) and delightful afternoon where those present got to make new friends and for some, to catch up with old friends.

Many thanks to Catherine Putzeys who was kind enough to loan us her spacious kitchen. We hope to have more of such events in the near future as everyone was eager to know when the next Jom Makan will be held.



MDA had a food stall at this years EID Festival held at DR Koncerthus on the 1st of July. We sold many varieties of Malaysian food that are popular like satay, nasi lemak, curry puffs and fried noodles, just to name a few. It was nice being able to share with the community a taste of Malaysian food.


Joint Picnic 2017 with Denmark Singapore Club

On the 17th of June, we had our yearly joint picnic at Frederiksberg Gardens. It was a fun and relaxing afternoon in the sun. We enjoyed tasting the delicious home made Asian food that everyone brought along.


Press coverage from Copenhagen Post on some of our past events :

MALAYSIAN DANISH ASSOCIATION celebrated Merdeka 2016, on 17th September in Copenhagen. This is MDA’s biggest event of the year, to commemorate Malaysia’s Independence Day. The Chairman Julietta welcomed everyone and Mariano Davies, BCCD spoke about Brexit. Great colourful entertainment and great oriental food.

Best Regards / Med Venlig Hilsen



GREAT ATMOSPHERE AS ALWAYS: Malaysian Danish Association (MDA) hosted their yearly Muhibbah 2016 party Saturday, 27th February, 2016 at 6pm. Its a pot-luck dinner theme, people were welcomed to bring a dish if they wished. Otherwise people just came and enjoyed Malaysian hospitality ! 

Best Regards / Med Venlig Hilsen




Muhibbah 2014

During some of our association’s events, we challenged our guests to quizzes with questions regarding both Malaysia and Denmark. Would you like to try?

2014 Muhibbah Quiz

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