Events 2024

These are proposed upcoming events for the year 2024

  • Muhibbah Pot Luck Dinner – 27th January
  • Jom Makan – 20th April
  • MDA Family Picnic – 2nd June
  • Merdeka Celebration – 15th September (Lunch Party 12.00)
  • MDA Family Outing – 5th October
  • Annual General Meeting – 24th November
  • Christmas Glogg – 1st December

Muhibbah Potluck Dinner, 27.01.2024, 18:00

Our first MDA event of the year in Copenhagen, 80 enthusiastic attendees joined us for this memorable occasion, this includes familiar faces and new friends! It was an evening filled with camaraderie, delectable food, and exciting games!

We had participants sharing a spread of delightful fusion of Asian and Danish flavors. From aromatic curry to mouthwatering pies and pandan flavored desserts, our taste buds were treated to a gastronomic adventure. Also, special thanks to the super efficient Events Committee for organizing the evening, laughter echoed through the venue as participants engaged in friendly competitions, quizzes, bingo, and games. The spirit of Muhibbah was truly alive!

Jom Makan – 20.04.2024

Our thanks to all participants in the recent Jom Makan. Your enthusiasm, curiosity, and passion for culinary exploration made the experience truly delightful.

Our attendees enjoyed immersing themselves in the art of cooking Mamak Mee & Spiral Curry Puffs. Our members active participation and willingness to experiment are what made the session so rewarding for MDA to host the event. 

A word of thanks goes to the head chef, Ogy, who volunteered her precious time to demo and show how it was done. Terima kasih Ogy! 

Here are some photos of happy new chefs & diners!

Karaoke Session 11.05.2024

MDA wishes to extend a word of thanks to members who participated in the recent Karaoke session. The humming of catchy tunes from the fun evening still lingers in our ears!

From the passionate performances to the infectious energy, the karaoke session was a resounding success – thanks to your enthusiastic participation. It was truly wonderful to see members come together, share laughs, and create lasting memories. Your support and camaraderie exemplify the spirit of our club, and MDA couldn’t be prouder to have you be a part of our MDA community.

Tila & Chris – thank you for hosting the Karaoke session at your beautiful home!