Events 2019

Social events for 2019:

  • ‘Muhibbah’ Potluck Dinner (March 9)
  • ‘Jom Makan’ Cooking Class (April 27 & August 17)
  • Family Sport Outing (May 3)
  • Summer Picnic (June 2)
  • ‘Merdeka’ Dinner Party (September 7)
  • Family Evening (October 17)
  • AGM (November 17)

Bowling – 17th Oct 2019

Members of MDA got together for a little friendly game of bowling. A perfect way to spend some time networking with the weather turning colder.

Merdeka Dinner Party – 7th Sept 2019

Merdeka marked the biggest event of the year and we had close to 100 members and friends of MDA from different nationalities and background joining us to celebrate the 62nd Malaysia Independence Day. Among the participants were representatives from Malaysian Association of the Netherlands as well as the New Ambassador of Malaysia in Scandinavia (attending as the guest of honor). The evening was filled with fun entertainment, sumptuous food and wonderful company. Participants had a chance to network, learn about Malaysia and Denmark through the various games/entertainment as well as test their luck in winning attractive prize through the lucky draw. A big thank you to all our members and friends for making the celebration a memorable one.

Photo 4 & 6 by Hasse Ferrold

Jom Makan (Let’s Eat) Cooking Event – 17th Aug 2019

Nasi Lemak is crowned as the national dish of Malaysia and can be enjoyed any time of the day. This national dish with chicken and beef rendang was the theme of our second Jom Makan. Participants had demonstrated a lot of passion learning to make this dish. A passion that could match the temperature in the kitchen and the heat of the rendang. All hard work was rewarded with delicious plate of nasi lemak that is sure to remain some participants a taste of home.

Summer Picnic – 2nd June 2019

What better way to welcome the summer than a picnic with family and friends? We are happy to have our MDA members join us for the annual summer picnic in Frederiksberg Gardens. Wonderful weather, great company, good food and fun games are the best recipe for a fantastic day.

Badminton – 3rd Mar 2019

MDA recently hosted a badminton outing for members at Valby Hallen, which revealed some hidden talents among the participants residing in CPH. It was an excellent occasion for family bonding and for members to have sporting fun for two hours.

Jom Makan (Let’s Eat) cooking event – 27th Apr 2019

Roti Jala (lacey pancake) and Curry Puff are typical Malaysian snacks and in our recent Jom Makan cooking event we had gathered to learn how to make these little treats. It was a fun-filled day with participants unleashing their skills and creativity in weaving and making the perfect curry puff edges and lacey pattern on the roti jala. In a true Malaysian spirit, everyone had the chance to bond and enjoy the food made with passion and love.

Muhibbah Pot Luck Dinner – 9th Mar 2019

MDA hosted the Muhibbah Potluck Dinner Party on 9th March – the club’s first event for 2019. Muhibbah in the Malay language refers to goodwill amongst the diverse races in Malaysia.

The full-house event was a great success, attended by more than 80 members and friends who contributed a good variety of Malaysian cuisine, and were kept entertained by performances, quizzes and games aplenty.