About Us

 Selamat Datang … Welcome … Velkommen!

Welcome to the official website of Malaysian Danish Association (MDA).

MDA is an officially registered association in Denmark with members from all various races, multi-ethnic, cultures and religious backgrounds.

  • Non-governmental, non-political, non-profit, non-religious, non-racial, and non-trade union organisation.
  • Bringing together all interested Malaysians, Danes, and their families and others through educational, social, cultural, and economic activities for the benefits of MDA and its members.
  • Endeavour mutually to respect different cultural needs and wishes.
  • Organise national/cultural celebrations and events to promote the interests of its members and to foster closer Malaysia/Denmark understanding and cooperation.
  • Assist in promoting relations between Malaysia and Denmark.

Since 2001, we have had many social events in meeting the above objectives, primarily bringing together Malaysians, Danes and other nationalities residing in Copenhagen. The Malaysian Ambassador for Denmark (based in Stockholm, Sweden) is our patron and has graced our social events in recent years.

The members of MDA consist of both Malaysians living in Denmark and Danes related to Malaysia. We would love to welcome you into our association.

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